Saturday, July 4, 2015

Programming in GEMPACK

Well, I took some time to write this blog. Anyways, Let's start to find the logic of GEMPACK programing. To understand this blog you should understand all my previous blogs on CGE. Therefore, this blog can be a bit rigorous.

I have explained about these codes and their logic in the video below.

I suggest you to watch this video in full scree and in HD. I also request you to write all these codes by your own. But for those who are lazy here is the file (here).

In the programming we define
1. sets and subsets
2. loading input output table or HAR file
3. define the variables
4. coefficients
5. read the data from the HAR file
6. define the formula
7. define the equations

Points to be noted:
1. save the file you have to use the quotation. Say if you want to save the file as you have to do: "".

2. To check if your codes have syntax error, use the Tablo Check options

3. Make sure you end your codes with semicolon

In the next blog I will develop a command file to impose the shock in this hypothetical economy.
See you.

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